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  • Jessica Wilcox


"We loved our stay with YMA! Great breakfast with the mountain view. The rooms are clean and comfortable. I must say the hosts are super friendly and helpful with guiding us to the right places to visit in Cusco. Highly recommended! Cant wait to come back again soon! Thank you for taking care of us! Bless! Xxx​"

  • Serene Teo

"The Sacred Valley Tour and Retreat was a complete life-changing experience! Amazing home-cooked food and hospitality in a gorgeous setting. Location is stunning with breathtaking views of the mountains all around. The retreat centre was clean and well-kept. Beautiful flowers and plants grow right at your doorstep. Our hosts, Kiki and Eddie, made sure to take care of our every need, from dietary requirements to keeping the bonfire going so we never felt cold in winter.. It is the best place on the planet to heal and rejuvenate. Aside from being professional at spiritual work, Kiki and Eddie are equally good at planning tours and I enjoyed the itinerary they planned for us. Excellent service all round. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a holistic experience in Peru and would definitely be back!"

  • Brenda Rivera


"Whenever you get across YMA Travel Peru or Ascend Yoga it’s a call from your spirit to receive a gift, one that you may have been looking for forever or one completely magical and unexpected that is going to impact you profoundly. There’s not even one element missing out of an experience like this: the mystical sacred valley of Peru, the people behind getting together every detail, the friends you’ll meet and the most special to me the Huachuma ceremonies and the Gong meditations. It’s definitely an experience to live once in a lifetime, or every time you need it or once you want to come back and visit your cosmic family. You won’t regret all the jewels that would unravel in your life after stepping into this call. Much love and gratitude to Kiki, Su, Sofia and Edwin!"

  • Yinghong C

"Loved the warm hospitality provided by hosts Kiki and Eddie. Amazing home-cooked food, inviting rooms and cute garden area to chill and interact with fellow guests (as well as Hades and Apollo)! Yoga and gong meditation sessions led by Su, accompanied with Jen’s soothing handpan music, were awesomely therapeutic. The landscape in the Sacred Valley is breathtaking, and this retreat offers great local experiences which includes trails around the valley, visits to local markets with myriad of colours and flavours, and adventures to ancient sites. Great work and heartfelt effort by the YMA team!"

  • Denise Khoo

"I spent a good 2 weeks at YMA Travel Peru and it was the most amazing two weeks of my life! Together with the breath taking views and mesmerising runes, the presence of energy and power of mother nature can truly be felt, when you live among the mountains. This trip has brought to me more than I had expected. It has helped me explore my spirituality, find my grounding, grows my roots. This time, this 2 weeks get away, fills me so full with content and gratefulness that I return home with a heart filled of peace within myself and it feels great."

  • Melissa Im

"The Mystical Yoga Retreat hosted by Ascend Yoga Therapy and YMA was life changing. This review will not do justice to the extraordinary experience I had in the Sacred Valley and Peru. Often times I plan trips with high expectations - to find ‘something’, explore a new culture, allow myself rest. However, when I return home the feelings I gathered on that trip quickly dissipate and it’s back to the grind. My journey to Peru has not faded and stays with me every day.

It was that perfect balance of seeing beautiful, ancient sites and relaxation at the AFL Lodge. It is truly a sanctuary. Waking up and opening the door to an expansive property with the Andes and views of the sacred valley is exactly what everyone needs. The food is so rich with avocados of every shape and 100s of ways to cook the 1000s of potato types. The meals left me refreshed and wanting more (I still have flash backs of the meals on the retreat). The yoga was led by Suraya Sam, who has been a guru, guide and best friend in my life. Through her classes we learned to feel and really ground down to experience the present moment. But the memories that will last a lifetime, if not generations were the ones created at our Inca Wedding. The hosts, Suraya, Jens, Kiki, Eddie and the entire YMA team surprised us with this sacred ceremony - I was so surprised, it wasn’t until half way through the ceremony that I realised it was a wedding for my husband and I. The ceremony took place at the Sacred Infinity Spring in the valley which we traveled to on horseback. Each guest fashionably donned a colourful poncho. Live music, song and dance created a mystical and cherished environment for our wedding. Freddie, a part of the team, played the beautiful Peruvian/Inca harp for our marriage. I cannot express my gratitude to all involved in this breath-taking event. We were united through Pachamama (Mother Earth) and my husband and I could not be more honoured to have had this experience and this union.

I look forward to my next trip and cannot wait to see the YMA family - including Hades and Apollo their huge and loveable Rottweilers who guide you through the hikes and landscapes of the Sacred Valley. Thank you Kiki and Eddie for having us!"

  • Rio Samaya

"Wow, wow, wow! YMA as its title say is indeed MYSTICAL experience! To begin with Kiki & Eddie are hosts with most! Eddie is the real deal. Born and raise  in the valley with generations of history, is a professional tour guide fluent in English, Spanish and Quechua. He will take off the beaten trek to the most sacred places and share their secrets with you. Kiki is an amazing women, not to mention the best chef on the planet! She will prepare the most delicious meals with only the freshest ingredients from the local market and their garden. She works her magic into every meal and can cater to any diet including vegan and vegetarian. She is MAMACITA!


Their homestead sits in the village of Yanahuara with stunning mountains surrounding you, embracing you everyday. The rooms are modern high ceiling with the most comfortable beds and lovely 24 hour hot showers. Their garden are full of flowers, fruit trees and vegetables, even a running stream complete with a Inca style pool. A piece of paradise is putting it midly. At the end of the day we always enjoy a gathering by the campfire in the garden under the milkyway and stars. Everything has been built brick by brick with love and creativity by Eddie. Family and friends - old school style. A work of ART! There is even a yoga studio(maybe I will learn haha). Their daughter Sue and her partner Jens bring international yoga retreat suitable for all levels! I can hardly sleep each night to wake up yo embark on our next adventure of the day. My husband Pancho and I have been here 2 weeks and feel home here. Thank you- Muchos Gracias Eddie and Kiki. You are the best!"


  • Gry Sofie

"YMA lodge- home away from home. Spent the most memorabel week here with wonderful hosts Kiki and Eddie, an heartopening experience in fantastic Sacred valley surrouded by beautiful mountains and people! Delicious healthy food (for mind body and soul) playful and challenging yoga led by most motivating and pro Su, not to mention ancient ruins in beautiful, majesttic surroundings! A memory for life, connecting with what IS!"


  • Sofia Sam

"Un lugar para conseguir una curación seria. mente, corazon y cuerpo. Olvidarse del trabajo en la ciudad. Este es el lugar para estar conectado con la naturaleza y estar con sus seres queridos. Ver la vida de otra manera. Sentir la vida de otra manera. YMA le hara sentir como el hogar que nunca sintio antes."


  • Jenny Atlee

"One of the most memorable experiences in my life was with YMA travel in Sacred Valley. 

In 2015, my friend Kelly and I wanted to observe the sacred ritual and astral travel of San Pedro, and over the course of 2 days, YMA organized a group of well respected shamans, chefs, and a beloved rottweiler to take care of us and keep us safe in the foothills of Sacred Valley. We were able to travel freely and safely between different dimensions, and paid our utmost respect to the Earth that we call home. This experience opened my heart to the invisible bond we have with Pachamama (Mother Earth), and I'll cherish the moments spent in between the valleys forever."

  • Florencia Monke

"Yanahuara and the Sacred Valley are out of this world!

As many people (I guess) I thought it was all about Machu Picchu and ruins. 
But  YMA TRAVEL PERU is WAAAAAY beyond that. First the lodging is super cozy and Kiki and Eddie make you feel not only at home, but better yet, in a place where you can really chill, leave all your problems behind and experience a simple, loving time in contact with nature. 

The views at all time are breathtaking. You can be sipping a coffee on the yard and looking at gorgeous mountains, a dog at your feet. The silence, the clean air, the delicious food. YMA TRAVEL PERU offers you the usual excursions (Pisac, Maras, Ollantaytambo, Machu Pichu, etc) that are definitely worthwhile. But you will be surprised at how you will connect with the place and maybe you may want to just be there, breathing, meditating, being at ease. 

For those who live at the frantic pace of work this place is heaven sent.
I learnt a lot about myself, I had lots of moments of connection with nature, prepare yourself to walk barefoot, to sit for hours near the fire, sleep late or take long naps. You can do everything you want or just be there and unplug. It has been a moment of great connection with myself, and of wonder at the beauty and wisdom of Nature and those who are in contact with Nature. 

Kiki and Eddie are wonderful hosts and people with a history, people with heart and positive energy. I will always get back. I found a place to go back and heal, rest, renew and discover stuff about myself and Nature."


  • Yi Ping Bong

"Never felt so connected to the earth and yet completely out of this world at the same time. From the magnificent mountain and valleys to the homely lodge and hosts to the adrenaline-pumping adventures, you just can't help being humbled by the whole experience. Thanks Sue and YMA for showing us a bit of heaven on Earth!"

  • Jens Ringefelt

"If you spend most of your time in an office then this is the place to come and reconnect to nature. Haven't been to a place with such fresh air, stunning views and amazing home cooked food :)"


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